Monday, August 5, 2013

Iron Chic - Spooky Action 7" - European Tour Version, White Vinyl (/140)

Drunken Sailor / Yo Yo (2013)

Finally some new Iron Chic songs. These guys put out a hell of a record called Not Like This back in 2010 and I've been anxiously awaiting the follow up. It seems like this 7" (and the companion American version that we'll talk about tomorrow) is the warning that their new record is finally on the horizon.

There's 2 new songs as well as a Butthole Surfers cover. The 2 new tracks are both great, employing passionate vocals and soaring, urgent choruses. They are a bit slower than the bulk of the songs on Iron Chic's last full length, but are some of the best the band has written. The Butthole Surfers cover is kind of a throwaway for me. I'm not familiar with the original and Iron Chic's version doesn't speak to me like their original tracks do.

Drunken Sailor/Yo Yo put out 3 versions of this record: red vinyl (/400), clear vinyl (/400) and the white vinyl version that I picked up which was limited to only 140 copies. Iron Chic is one of those bands that while I don't buy every variant, I do want to have the rarest, or at least the earliest pressing of their records. I'm quite eager to hear more.

Iron Chic - Spooky Action 7":

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