Friday, August 9, 2013

The Ballantynes - Faith/Velvet 7"

La Ti Da (2013)

From a singles series that I didn't buy yesterday to one today that I purchased the day it went on sale. La Ti Da records out of Canada has a series that while a bit delayed, is just packed with stellar records. The first one to show up at my door is the latest 7" from The Ballantynes. You can buy these records individually, but if you want the limited to 150 copies colored vinyl (white in this case) you need to be a subscriber.

Thus far The Ballantynes have only released 7"s, and I've bought them all. The first 2 were fantastic and this 3rd one raises the bar even higher. The Ballantynes play a throwback, but extremely authentic 60's Stax soul sound. The sultry vocals, the driving bass and even little nuances like the recording they've managed to get out of the guitars just takes me back to when I was younger and was first discovering the bands that inspired one of my earliest musical memories; the Blues Brothers.

As good as these 7"s have been, I think The Ballantynes will truly shine when they have a chance to put out a full album. There's something about the way they approach their music that assures me the best is yet to come and I simply can't wait for that to happen.

The Ballantynes - Faith/Velvet 7":

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