Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ceiling Stares / The Super Vacations Split 7" - Green Vinyl

Sweaters & Pearls / Velocity Of Sound (2011)

This is another 7" sent over to me by the nice folks at Sweaters & Pearls records for me to write a bit about. I take it very seriously when someone actually sends over a record to get my opinion on and I find myself spending much more time analyzing the record as I write than I do on records I buy for myself (which constitute 99% of what I write about on this website).

So, here we have 2 bands and 1 record on green vinyl. Of the 2 I prefer The Super Vacations. They play a laid back surf tinged rock formula that reminds me of Mrs. Magician in places. While I don't think they have vocal chops quite as grand as Mrs. Magician, they are very successful in laying down a relaxing day at the beach vibe with their back and forth, reverb guitar and slightly monotone vocals.

Next up is The Ceiling Stares, who fall victim to not-knowing-when-to-give-up-on-the-intro syndrome. We go well past a minute before the meat of the song really kicks in. Once it does, you're greeted with almost churchy, chanting vocal harmonies over slightly psychadelic guitars. I can't say I'm a big fan of this band to be honest, but I will be hanging on to the 7" for the Super Vacations songs. I may even look into the recent full length that the band released last year.

Super Vacations - Controller:

The Ceiling Stares - A Tunnel Through The Air:

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