Thursday, August 8, 2013

Helvetia & Built To Spill - Spooky Action At The Sufferbus 7" - FlexiDisc (/1000)

Joyful Noise (2013)

Despite my deep, undying love of the 7" singles series, I couldn't bring myself to plunk down for Joyful Noise's 2013 Flexi Disc series. A, because there were really only 2 bands announced that I liked and B, I can't get all that excited about flexis. In Joyful Noise's defense, this is just about the best sounding flexi I've ever played and they obviously have put a great deal of care and work into the artwork, packaging and the like. But I honestly couldn't tell you why they just don't up the price of the series a bit and put out real 7"s. Seems wacky to me.

Anyway, since I wasn't going to buy the series but I had to maintain my complete Built To Spill 7" collection, I went to eBay. Picked this up for $18. Probably too much to pay for 1 song, but far from a rip off and certainly cheaper than buying a whole series of records I didn't want. The song is pretty good. You can certainly hear the Built To Spill in there, but I think the song is more driven by the Helvetia folks. It's upbeat pop that just screams of the 90's. It reminds me quite a bit of bands like Some Velvet Sidewalk or other K records pop shenanigans.

This record was essential to add to my Built To Spill collection, but unless you're a completist, this isn't a record that should at the top of your overpay on eBay list. Can't find the song streaming anywhere unfortunately.

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