Thursday, September 5, 2013

Royal Headache - Stand And Stare 7"

Matador (2013)

This 7" is part of the Matador 2013 singles club and has absolutely been the highlight of the series so far. Royal Headache's full length from a couple of years ago was one of those records that just immediately clicked for me and it instantly went in heavy rotation. This 7" proves that album was no fluke. Both songs here are just as good as anything on the full length and they've left me chomping at the bit for a new LP.

The first, "Stand And Stare," is a slower paced song, but still has the bright treble heavy guitar and soulful vocals I've come to know and love from this band. But on the b side, "Give It All To Me," Royal Headache kick up the tempo and blaze through an under 2 minute long blast of a song. I can't think of any band that's currently putting out any records as unique and distinctive as Royal Headache is. This 7" is worth subscribing to the entire series for (plus you'll get a Superchunk 7" too, so that's pretty great) and with any luck it's the first of many new releases on the way from this great, great band.

Royal Headache - Stand And Stare 7":

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