Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Superchunk - I Hate Music LP - Orange Vinyl w/ Bonus 7"

Merge (2013)

Let me start off by saying this is a great record. One of the most fun records you are likely to listen to this year. Superchunk is one of my all time favorite bands, heck I have more Superchunk 7"s than a lot of people have total 7"s. That being said, I am going to nit pick 3 small things in this review, but I do not want those things interpreted as me not liking this album because that simply would not be true. Having listened to this band for nearly 20 years now, I just wanted to mention a few things.

Number one, though this record is great, I feel like it's not quite as punchy as Majesty Shredding and in turn doesn't come across as energetic and exciting as the last Superchunk record. While the album has exceptional moments, as a whole it's a lower key affair. Number 2, even though musically Me and You and Jackie Mittoo is one of the highlights of the record, I just can't reconcile the fact that I think the lyrics of the chorus are kind of stupid. It sounds like an idea Ted Leo thought of, but then decided not to use it.

Lastly, number 3. And this ties in to the limited vinyl version that I picked up. I think this package is incredible. The art work is spectacular, I love all of the die cut packaging and the colored vinyl and the fact that it comes with a bonus 7". This brings us to number 3, the songs on the bonus 7" are a waste. Just noise for the most part, I'd be hard pressed to call them actual songs. I'll likely not listen to it again, but I need it for completist reasons.

So those are my gripes with I Hate Music. 3 small things, 1 of which really has no bearing at all on how much I enjoy the record. I cannot stress enough that I really do think this is a great record. It's just when I am so familiar with a band I tend to over analyze a bit. My neurosis certainly shouldn't stop anyone from picking this up right away.

Superchunk - I Hate Music (NPR Stream):

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  1. First, let me say, that I love your site! Second, I totally agree with you on your points. I also have all things Superchunk, minus I Hate History because I refuse to pay that much for one 7" that I will probably find later elsewhere. Back to this album, I also dislike the pressing. It sounds cluttered and lacking space. The only song that really shines is Low F. Maybe I got a dud of a pressing, but it almost sounds like the vinyl mastering was botched, as the digital sounds OK.