Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Record Store Visit: Dusty Groove - Chicago, IL - 09/16/13

The 2nd record store hit up on my Chicago adventure was also the one store I didn't actually buy anything at. Dusty Groove specializes in Jazz, Soul and Funk, though they also had a pretty solid Hip Hop section as well. I wasn't really in the market for anything that Dusty Grooves was selling during this trip as I had decided I didn't want to bring any LPs on the plane ride home with me, but it was certainly a fun store to browse.

I can definitely see a specific type of record collector flipping their wig for the kind of stuff this store carries, though I can't say they had much in the way of used 7"s, which was pretty much my main goal on this trip. It's a neat store though, and one that I'd like to dig through again some other time.

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