Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dead Mechanical - OK Night LP - Blue Vinyl (/100)

Toxic Pop (2013)

I reviewed the Insub Fest Test Pressing Early Bird Fun Time version of this record back in July (, but now that I have received the full art, limited to 100 blue vinyl version, well, I have to say a few words about it as well. Before I go any further, somehow Toxic Pop still has a handful of the blue vinyl version for sale on their website. I cannot fathom how, but they do. You really, really should go buy it right away:

Now, about this record. Though I did gush quite a bit about OK Night in my initial review, the past few months have only strengthened how I feel about Dead Mechanical. I will say it again, as far as punk rock bands go, they are probably just about the best there is out there right now. They play a raspy vocal, urgent punk rock with nods to Jawbreaker & Leatherface, but they don't (and I cannot stress this enough) sound like another carbon copy No Idea band (not that there's anything wrong with those No Idea bands).

Dead Mechanical have elevated the form and weave powerful lyrics into their dynamic guitar driven rock. Anyone who knows me knows that John Reis & Rocket From the Crypt related bands have pretty much been my favorite thing for the last 20 years or so. This Dead Mechanical record is so good, it's really looking like it could push the Night Marchers out of my #1 record of the year spot. Now that is high praise from me.

Dead Mechanical - OK Night LP:

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