Tuesday, October 1, 2013

V/A - Red Scare Across America Tour 7"

Red Scare (2013)

I was a little nervous when this 7" was announced. It was said to be a tour only record and has an exclusive Masked Intruder song on it. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to one of the shows and I was fearful considering how much other Masked Intruder records have been selling for on eBay and what not. Luckily, some went on sale through Interpunk, so I was able to grab a copy there. Perhaps Interpunk sold more than I guessed as this is the one Masked Intruder record that I have't really seen anyone going crazy for yet.

The song that Masked Intruder contributes is more of their typically great pop punk. They (along with The Capitalist Kids) are just about the best straight up pop punk band going these days. Hooks and choruses like you wouldn't believe, definitely the highlight of the 7". Elway is a bit more generic, they play towards the gruffer end of the pop punk spectrum, but nothing really stands out about this song. Lastly Sam Russo contributes a pretty boring acoustic song. Probably trying to sound like early Against Me, but doesn't really pull it off.

The art is nothing special. Just a stamped paper sleeve, but the Masked intruder song is so good, it is absolutely worth the price of admission on its own. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find these songs streaming anywhere.

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