Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Steve Adamyk Band / Dauntless Elite - Split 7" - Green Vinyl(/100) & Brown Vinyl (/200)

All In Vinyl (2013)

For me this was the main event of the 2013 All In Vinyl single series, new songs by The Steve Adamyk Band. But, let's start off with Dauntless Elite. A band that has been kicking around for a good many years at this point, I first came across them through a Snuffy Smiles split 7" a while ago, but never really followed up on them. Their songs on this 7" are quite good really. Catchy, with unique guitar play. This is a band i really need to hear more of.

As far as the Steve Adamyk Band side goes, it's just 2 more hit songs from one of the best bands currently playing. Idles Hands-esque punchy guitar riffs into big choruses. Another great showing, though I do have one comment to make. I'm not sure if it is a result of the recording or of the actual pressing of the record, but these too songs seem to really lean on the treble side of the spectrum. You can't really hear the bass at all and everything sounds a bit tinny. Nothing that will spoil the great tunes, but it's the first time I've ever had anything remotely critical to say about this band.

The Steve Adamyk Band / Dauntless Elite - Split 7"

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