Friday, October 4, 2013

The Blind Shake - Garbage On Glue 7"

Sweet Rot (2013)

I am notoriously stubborn about people recommending bands to me. That might be surprising considering the sheer amount of music I buy. How do I hear this stuff if people aren't telling me to check it out? Well, I'm much more likely to go listen to a record if I read somewhere that it's good than if someone specifically tells me they think I'd like it. My gut instinct is to always tell them that I think they're probably wrong. I can't explain it, I think I'm just stubborn and a jerk when it comes to music.

I will say that there's a handful of people I know on this internet affectionately dubbed as Team Swami. There are folks in this group whose taste I do trust and when @swamipat took me record shopping in Chicago, we exchanged a few recommendations. One of the records he suggested I pick up was this Blind Shake 7". I liked the cover art, so I went for it. I'm glad I did as I really dig it.

The Blind Shake are a heavy, driving guitar band. They rely on repetitive riffs and echo laden vocal shouts to fuel these songs. That might not sound like a compliment, but trust me, it is. The Blind Shake channel this ever growing momentum into their songs. It constantly feels like the band is building to a big catchy chorus that they intentionally won't let you have and it gives the songs a really unique energy. It kind of makes me feel like I do when I'm watching the closing moments of an auction on eBay. All that building anticipation.

I probably wouldn't recommend too many other bands try this tactic, but the Blind Shake pull it off masterfully. The moment this 7" was through spinning I was already buying the band's recent full length on Castle Face. Thanks Pat!

The Blind Shake - Garbage On Glue 7":

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