Friday, October 18, 2013

Submarine Races - Talking Loud 7"

Shit Sandwich (2006)

This was another 7" recommended to me by @swamipat during our trip record shopping in Chicago. I trust his taste and the artwork looked good, so I snapped it up. Plus it as only $2 used, so not much of a risk really. The minimal risk paid off big though.

This is a really fun little 7". Submarine Races craft shimmering summertime songs that are tinged slightly in reverb. The tracks on here are driven by bouncy guitar riffs and catchy leads. The borderline 60's surfy vocals are the perfect pairing with the music. It's just a glorious record to put on as summer is fading away so you can try to hold on to the season just a bit more.

Submarine Races has a couple of LPs out in addition to Talking Loud and if they are as good as this 7", I need to put them on my shopping list. Anyone have a recommendation on which full length to start with?

Cant find any of these songs streaming anywhere, sorry.

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