Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Survival Knife - Divine Mob 7" - Gold Vinyl (/100)

Kill Rock Stars (2013)

It's pretty interesting to see members of Unwound with a new project right as their back catalog is in the process of being reissued. It provides an extra excuse to listen to them side by side and really see how things have changed. This is the 2nd Survival Knife 7", the first having come out on Sub Pop a few months ago. The first 100 of these were on gold vinyl direct from Kill Rock Stars.

The 2 songs have to be judged separately in my opinion. the title track "Divine Mob" is just fantastic. Loud, fast-ish, with lots of 90's sounding guitar leads, Justin Trosper's distinct vocals and even a well placed pick slide for good measure. Everything I want to hear from this band.

The B-side, "Snakebit," doesn't strike me the same way. From it's plodding Neon Genesis Evangelion "Angles Attack" guitar riff (now that's a nerdy music comparison for you) to the fact that Justin's not even singing the song, it's the first rack I've heard form this band that I didn't immediately love. I feel like it could work being a one-off within the context of a full album, but as a 50/50 showcase with "Divine Mob," it just pales in comparison.

Still, the A-side is so good I would recommend picking this 7" up without hesitation.

Survival Knife - Divine Mob:

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