Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Average Times - S/T LP - Peach Vinyl (/175)


Hosehead (2014)

There's something in the water in Ottawa, Canada.  They have bands up there cranking out such incredible records.  Aside from mid 90's San Diego and mid 90's UK, I can't think of any scene that has filled the world out more hits than Ottawa.  Average Times is another band in this incredible lineage and their self titled debut is a real smack in the face.

While you will definitely hear echoes of other garage laced pop bands like Mother's Children, The Cry!, Missing Monuments or Steve Adamyk Band; Average Times still manage to stand out in a crowd with their jagged, blown out vocals and powerful guitar riffs.  They have a certain glam-ish attitude about them, but they really can churn out the hooks.

My biggest beef with this record is that the song "Wasted On Wine" should be at least 3 times longer than it is.  With it's roaring, bouncy guitar, yelping vocals and incredible background "oohs," it's probably my favorite song on the record but is only about a minute long.  Luckily there's plenty of other hits like "Popsicle," "Glitch" and "I Hate Tomato Juice and I Hate You."  It's a hell of a debut record and has a pretty rad car pictured on the front cover.  Big fan.

Average Times - Average Times:

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