Friday, May 30, 2014

Love As Laughter - Thru The Past, Brightly, Vol. 1 CD


LAL Industrie (1999)

The absolute number 1 record on my want list is the first self titled Love As Laughter cassette.  I have been searching for a copy for nearly 20 years and I've hardly ever even gotten a hint of it existing anywhere.  The 2nd Love As Laughter cassette Clear Sky = Blue Dye is one of my all time favorite albums, one I've been listening to non-stop in the 20 years that I've been searching for the 1st cassette.  After all this time, I finally went to the source and got in touch with Sam Jayne, the man behind Love As Laughter (and the equally amazing Lync).

Sam was super nice and dug around trying to find me a copy of the 1st cassette.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to procure one, but he did find a copy of this CD for me.  This CD is a self released effort that compiles a bunch of early Love As Laughter songs.  There's a good amount from Clear Sky = Blue Dye.  A song from the split 7" w/ Ringfinger and what I assume are quite a few songs from that first cassette I've been searching for.

Now I can't say for sure which of these new to me songs are from that cassette, but I can say that I just love every single one of them.  This era of Love As Laughter is lo fi, 4 track, recorded at home pop genius.  You've got all the ingredients of classic 90's do it yourselfers.  Fuzzed out electric guitar on one song, strummed acoustic on the next.  Drum machines on a song, super basic kick snare drumming on the next.  Plus there's just that quintessential 4 track fuzz that I loved so much.

This CD is just amazing.  While it will never fill the hole in my record collection that the missing 1st cassette leaves, it's a certainly a more than acceptable placeholder for the time being.  Thanks again to Sam for helping me out with a copy of this and if anyone on Earth has that 1st cassette I'm missing, please get in touch right away.  Even if you won't sell it to me (which you should), I'd really like to get the tracklist for it.

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