Thursday, May 22, 2014

The No Marks / Hyalin - Split 7" - Red Vinyl (/110)


Brassneck (2014)

If you read this website on a somewhat consistent basis, you'll see two things repeated quite often.  1. I'm just a complete sucker for the music of the 90's, the music released then will always just seem like the best to me.  And 2. There has been a real resurgence in bands today taking cues and paying homage to bands from the 90's; which is A-OK by me.  Of all of the 90's things to stage a little comeback, the one I expected the least, but probably love the most is all of these new bands that sound like the glory days of the mid to late 90's UK punk scene.  I'll say it until I'm blue in the face, when bands like Broccoli, Hooton 3 Car and Chopper ruled the world, I never loved music more.

The 2 bands on this 7" not only take cues from that UK scene, several of the guys in these bands were actually part of it.  First up we have The No Marks.  They feature members of Crocodile God and Blocko. The 2 songs on their side of the 7" are phenomenal.  They definitely have that Broccoli-esque raspy vocal thing and intricate guitar playing down, but I find them to be a bit poppier and perhaps slightly more lighthearted than Broccoli was.  In particular the back and forth between clean guitar and fuzzy guitar on "About Tomorrow" really stands out as something unique.

Over on the flip side we've got Hyalin.  A band made up of folks from Blocko and folks from one of my absolute current favorite bands Chestnut Road.  All you really need to know is that of the 2 songs on this 7", one is a cover of the Broccoli song "Constance."  It's great as is their original "Clear As Glass."  If you imagined a band that sounded like a cross between Blocko and Chestnut Road, they would sound exactly like this.

This is just such a great 7" and really, everyone should check it out.  While you're doing that, you really also should make sure you have every Broccoli, Blocko, Chestnut Road and Crocodile God record you can find.  When you have all those don't forget Hooton 3 Car and Chopper.  Oh and you should really grab that donFisher 7" that Crackle put out.  So many record to buy...

The No Marks / Hyalin - Split 7":

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