Monday, May 5, 2014

Rocket From The Crypt - Love is Lies 7" - Red Vinyl (/400)


Swami (2013)

When Rocket From The Crypt went over to England for a 6 date tour this past December,  they produced a batch of limited 7"s to sell.  The songs on these 7"s are cover songs of bands from each of the 6 cities on the tour.  At each stop the band sold 100 7"s specific to that city.  The leftovers of this pressing then were bundled together and sold at recent US Rocket From The Crypt shows this past March & April.  Only 7 cities really had a shot at the bundles, but it's my understanding that these were all but gone by the 5th show.  I was very lucky that I was at stop #4 and I got to the show extra early so I could be 1st in line at the merch table.

The first of these 7"s was made for the band's December 1st show in Manchester.  For this record they did a take on the Buzzcocks' "Love Is Lies."  Rocket's version starts off like the original, with solo acoustic guitar kicking things off.  Drums & bass are added to the mix.  On the 2nd verse we get some electric lead guitar coming into the background to complement the up and down sing-song vocals.  The verses and choruses just keep getting louder and louder, each time adding more instruments to the mix and by the time the horns kick in this song is just firing on all cylinders.

It's much fuller and louder than the Buzzcocks' version, but still keeps all of the sensibilities of the original.  The acoustic guitar really makes this song stand out and I can't think of much in the Rocket catalog that's constructed like this song.  It's a really great cover version and one of my favorites of the series.  It is such pure joy to be listening to and writing about new Rocket From The Crypt records.  Even if they're cover songs, there's nothing better than a new 7" from Rocket From the Crypt on the turntable.

Rocket From The Crypt - Love Is Lies:

Buzzcocks - Love Is Lies:

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