Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jawbox - Grippe LP - Purple Vinyl


Dischord (1991)

I couldn't tell you exactly when this purple vinyl reissue came out, but it was definitely within the past two or three years.  One thing you can say about Dischord; they really try to keep their records cheap and in print.  So kudos to them for that.  As mentioned before, I'm going back and acquiring all of the Jawbox records I brushed off when I was younger, not having gotten into them much back in the 90's.  Along with Seaweed, they're the band I have enjoyed the most rediscovering.

Grippe is a solid record, though if I'm being honest, it is not as strong as Novelty or For Your Own Special Sweetheart.  You can hear a lot of potential in this, their debut, but it's not as fully realized as other records in the band's catalog.  Still, there's lots of crunchy guitar, passionate vocals and some pretty good hooks buried in there if you're willing to dig a bit.

There's only 1 last Jawbox full length that I need to add to the collection and then it's time to start hunting down some of their many 7"s.  But rest assured, at some point their discography will be completed.

Jawbox - "Freezerburn":

Jawbox - "Tools and Chrome":

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