Friday, May 16, 2014

Record Store Day Haul #4: Pixies - Indie Cindy 2xLP + 7"


Pixies Music (2014)

The 4th item on my Record Store Day list was the first new Pixies album in nearly 25 years, Indie Cindy.  As most folks do, I sure love the Pixies albums that came out on the late 80's and early 90's.  So, while it was interesting to hear they were putting out a new record, I was extremely reluctant to get even remotely excited about it.  Having high expectations for this sort of thing is a fool's errand and I wasn't going to set myself up for disappointment.  Still, I figured I had to pick it up, it's the Pixies after all.

Well, I'll start off by making it very clear that this album is in no way anywhere close to being as good as anything they released in the old days.  Not even close.  So if you're expecting something as good as Surfer Rosa; frankly you're nuts.  That being said, I've read a LOT of reviews of this album where the writer is just going off on how terrible this is and what an abomination this is and how it tarnishes the band's legacy.  Those people are equally stupid.  This record is totally fine.

Sure, the song "Indie Cindy" is fucking terrible and the track right after it, "Bagboy" is somehow even worse. But aside from those two, it's a pretty solid record.  There are some songs that are nice and catchy, some that are a bit slower and more thoughtful and even a few with some good old fashion Black Francis screaming on them.  In no way can this record hold a candle to the original Pixies records, but it's still a pretty good record overall.  I realize I'm definitely in the minority with this opinion, but I think if more people just listened to the record without pre-judging it, they'd be pleasantly surprised.

The Record Store Day version also came with a one sided 7" containing the exclusive track "Women Of War."  Aside from some asinine vocal effects on the bridge, it's a decent song as well.  Upper mid tempo, nice melodies, not at all a throwaway as some might expect.  But those vocals in the bridge nearly ruin the whole song.  Luckily they're brief.

Pixies - Indie Cindy (Full Album Stream):

Pixies - "Women Of War":

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