Monday, June 30, 2014

Chestnut Road / Panic Attack - Split 7" - Blue Vinyl


Snuffy Smiles / Speedowax / Rad Girlfriend / You Look Like Shit / Sick Scene (2014)

This record s a coming together of so many great things that have been important to me over the years.  It's a new Snuffy Smiles release, one of my all time favorite labels.  It's a new Speedowax release, a great label and run by a fellow I've known since the 90's.  It' also co-released by Rad Girlfriend, one of the best new American labels going.

Chestnut Road is one of the bands on here, and you can't possibly have missed my never ending stream of praise for them. Then the other band in Panic Attack; a band that's new to me, but one that I've been trying to catch up on and have been quite impressed with so far.  Finally, it's all tied together by the fact that both bands cover a Broccoli song on the record.  It's almost like this was put out just for me.

All fours songs on this 7" are incredible.  The Chestnut Road original is just another example of why I've become obsessed with this band from France (to the point where I nearly accosted a guy I saw at a Steve Adamyk Band show that was wearing a Chestnut Road shirt). "Clocks Ticking" is just a perfectly constructed song that takes me right back to that mid 90's UK punk scene that I'm just so god damned nostalgic about. Their Broccoli cover they chose was "Fido" and while I don't know that any band will ever do Broccoli songs as good as Broccoli, their take on it is still pretty stellar. When these guys put out their next record, can someone please tell me how I can get the PopKid logo on it?

Panic Attack turn in the best song of theirs that I've heard so far and all it does is make me want to hear more from them.  "Recluse (is a euphemism)" is so dynamic, with gravely vocals that still manage to be incredibly melodic.  Another gigantic leap forward for this band from Quebec.  They chose the Broccoli song "Lean" for their side of the record and give a real impassioned take on the song.  I hope this band is working on a full length, because I'll be buying it on day 1.

Hey, I could listen to a whole album full of Broccoli covers (which is being put together here: if you want to get involved), so this 7" is one of those records that just makes me happy by existing.  The fact that the music on it is great as well is just another bonus.

Chestnut Road / Panic Attack - Split 7":

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