Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dan Sartain - Pass This On 7"


One Little Indian (2014)

I felt like it has been an awful long time between when this 7" was announced and when I finally got to buy it.  Preorders - feh.  Anyway, It's always exciting when new Dan Sartain records are out as he is one of the best things going these days.  One Little Indian has always been a little wacky with his releases.  They seem to put out a ton of 7"s for him, but they almost always end up being just tracks from the album.

This one's about half and half.  "Pass This On" is a track off of the new Dan Sartain album Dudesblood.  It's a cover song by a band called The Knife, but I can't say I'm familiar with the original.  What I can say is it's one of the best songs on the new album.  Slow and dark, with Dan crooning the vocals.  While I do enjoy Dan's punk rock songs, I'll always have a soft spot for his softer side.

The B-side is a Roy Rogers cover called "Dust."  This was originally on the digital only He Touched Me, released as a benefit for The Travis Jackson Memorial Fund.  It is nice to have at least one of the songs from that excellent EP on vinyl and I can't say I'd mind it if they ended up releasing all of them as B-sides if that's what it takes.  There's a lot of Dan Sartain 7"s out in the world.  They're all worth picking up in my opinion.

Dan Sartain - "Pass This On":

Dan Sartain - "Dust":

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