Thursday, June 5, 2014

The No Marks / DeadCuts - Split 7" - Blue w/ Silver (/143)


Speedowax (2013)

Speedowax is one of those labels that put out so many good records.  Now, they probably put out a few too many hardcore leaning records for my personal taste, but when they're in the mindset for pop, they stand head and shoulders above most labels.  Case in point is the fantastic split 7".

The No Marks are the main reason I picked up this record.  They're playing the kind of glorious melodic UK punk that ruled the mid to late 90's as far as I'm concerned.  They have the raspy vocals and seriousness of bands like Broccoli, but they kind of keep things a little poppier.  If anything, the 2 songs here remind me most of the sort of thing Broccoli was doing on their Chestnut Road 7".  There are fewer compliments higher than that coming from me I assure you, so it would be best if you bought this 7" immediately.

And as a bonus, you get 2 songs from DeadCuts.  Fronted by Mark Keds, formerly of Senseless Things, DeadCuts also pays homage to a UK scene, but they take it perhaps a decade further back than The No Marks.  To me, DeadCuts are just a flat out great rock band.  With heavy effect laden lead guitar way up in front, and slightly echo-y vocals that ebb and flow with the progression of the song, DeadCuts are playing a style of music that I haven't really heard anyone championing in forever.  Even though its roots are old, hearing new music like this is such a breath of fresh air.  Between the 2 bands, this is a can't miss 7".

DeadCuts - "Caution Exorcists":

No Marks - "Renville Road" / "Coming Around":

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