Friday, June 27, 2014

Panic Attack - Empty Malls & Parking Lots 7" - Green Vinyl


Big Wheel / Guerilla / Pouzza (2012)

As I wrote about yesterday, once I found out that Panic Attack was doing a split 7" with Chestnut Road, I immediately went out and bought all of their other records.  Sure it was only two 7"s, but I wanted to study up on the band before their new split came out.  The songs from yesterday's record were just fantastic and I had high hopes for the 5 songs on their debut 7".

Empty Malls & Parking Lots came out back in 2012 and as mentioned, it was Panic Attack's first release.  In many ways it kind of sounds like a band's first record.  There's a few moments of greatness, some real potential, but also moments where things fall a little flat.  I'd have to say that in general the songs are a bit more simplistic than their two on the Jeffrey Lost Control split, but there are moments where the band comes off as something special.

The first two tracks, "No Seriously: Fuck Off" and "Wasting Time" both clock in under less than a minute.  They're fast, a little snotty and over before you know it.  Neither are bad, but neither really go anywhere.  It's not until the band gets into their longer tracks "Pictures" and "Black Cat" that they really shine.  Both slow the tempo down a bit and give Panic Attack room to breathe and really take their songs up a notch.  They display far more dynamics than the shorter songs on this 7" and they are much more representative of the type of music they were able to churn out on their second 7".

Still, even at only two records in, I'm extremely impressed with these Quebec based punk rockers.  Next up is their split with Chestnut Road and since one of their songs on that is going to be a Broccoli cover, I can't even imagine how I could possibly not love it.

Panic Attack - Empty Malls & Parking Lots 7":

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