Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jeffrey Lost Control / Panic Attack - Split 7" - Green Cover (/50)


Sick Scene / Big Wheel (2013)

I did something very 90's when I decided to buy this record.  Anyone who reads this website, even infrequently, is surely aware of my love for the band Chestnut Road.  They are one of the absolute best bands going and I buy everything they release.  Well, their next record coming out soon is a split 7" with a band called Panic Attack.  On that 7", both bands are going to cover a Broccoli song, so right then I knew I had to go buy some Panic Attack records immediately.  

We'll start off with the band Jeffrey Lost Control first.  Their first song, "Falling Down" wasn't really blowing me away.  It's got good gruff vocals and some well placed "Ohhhs" in the background, but the drumming isn't for me.  Over the years I've just never been able to get into songs with that non-stop, 100 miles an hour galloping drum beat.  After this song, I figured I could just write off the band as pretty good.  But then they hit me with "Under The Gun."  This is a great song.  The tempo is taken down just a notch and the song is 1000 times better as a result.  Great guitar interplay.  They end up reminding me a lot of bands like Manifesto Jukebox or I Excuse.  I would absolutely like to hear more songs like this from the band.

Then we get to Panic Attack, the reason I bought the 7".  They definitely lived up to the hype I created for them. Their first song "Who Read Holden Caufield" is just super energetic with driving drums and dynamic guitar.  The singer has raspy vocals, but still manages to be melodic.  The songs are catchy with sing along choruses, but not at all saccharine pop. Track two, "I Can Work It Out" is just as great.  It has the same punchy energy of the first song and reminds me a lot of Broccoli actually.  Then, right in the middle of the song we get a bass driven breakdown complete with a movie quote sample a la Jawbreaker.  Very cool stuff.

I bought this 7" just looking to study up on one band, but I managed to find two that I'm going to have to pay attention to going forward.  Even when they're not on the record, Chestnut Road is still getting great music to my turntable.

Jeffrey Lost Control / Panic Attack - Split 7":

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