Friday, June 13, 2014

Songs For Snakes - Year Of The Snake LP - White w/ Blue Splatter Vinyl (/300)


Self Released (2014)

Before I say anything about the music, would you look at this record? It's beautiful.  I can't remember the last time a band or label got their colored vinyl to so perfectly match the artwork like this.  It's stunning.  Kudos to the band for taking the step to put out their new record on vinyl.  Equally stunning is the music on this album, it's like the band is making music just for me.

While trying to make it not sound like an insult, to me Songs For Snakes  is old man punk.  I complain often how I'm getting older and the things that I liked when I was younger (which coincidentally tend to be the things I like now too) tend to be out of style or not in vogue.  Music was especially like that for a while.  Over the past few years there has been a real renaissance of bands that take their cues from 90's bands and the result has been a lot more music that I'm interested in.  Songs For Snakes are right at the top of the pile as far as these bands go; they're just one of the best.

You can tell that the guys in Songs For Snakes are older punks too.  These aren't some kids playing an old style of music, these are old punks that are just playing the kind of music that's authentic to them.  You can't listen to this record and not hear the Jawbreaker influence.  But while most bands who like Jawbreaker spin off into a weird emo tribute, Songs For Snakes keep it louder, rougher and much more in common with Unfun era Jawbreaker, but still manage to pack ultra catchy hooks into every song.

The production is great, the songs are phenomenal and frankly I'm shocked that this band isn't way more famous than they are.  They also emailed me personally just to let me know they had a new record that came out so I could go buy it.  See? They know that I'm getting old and forgetful.  In a world full of wacky technology and stupid kids, sometimes it's just nice to be old, cranky and happy about it.

Songs For Snakes - Year Of The Snake:

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