Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dan Sartain - Romance In Stereo LP - Clear w/ Pink Splatter Vinyl (/25)


Shed House (2014, Reissue)

A few months back I wrote a lengthy piece about the Shed House records reissue of this LP.  I had drawn the conclusion that I didn't like the way the rarest variant was being bundled as it was only available for a hefty price tag.  I decided to just buy the most common version direct from Dan Sartain and be done with it.  I was a bit bummed as Dan is one of my favorites and I had been trying to acquire as many of his variants as I could, but I couldn't justify the cost.

My patience paid off big time.  My pal @charles1981 sent me a message the other day saying that he found both the test pressing of this album as well as the splatter variant for sale at a store by him.  He kept the test pressing and sold me the splatter for a silly low price.  Now this record is finally in my collection and I didn't have to pay through the nose to get it either.  Thanks Charles!

As I've mentioned before, the record itself is just stellar.  Hearing the early rough Dan Sartain recordings are what really elevated him to be in the upper echelon of my favorites and having Romance In Stereo on vinyl is such a treat.  I may not have totally agreed with the pricing breakdowns that Shed House employed, but I absolutely applaud and thank them for bringing this amazing record to vinyl.  

Dan Sartain - Romance In Stereo:

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