Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zonaea - Apocalypse Beach 12" - Clear w/ Splatter Vinyl (/75)


Zoo & A Movie (2015)

Let's start off talking about the thing that I first noticed about this record when I opened up the package that was sent to me, the artwork.  It's a tremendous set up.  I see a lot of artwork for bands that press super limited amounts of a record, it usually looks pretty cheap and flimsy.  Not so with Apocalypse Beach.  The screened cover looks great, the splatter vinyl matches the artwork nicely and they even include a CD in it's own little matching cardboard slipcase. Kudos for a nice layout.

I had not heard of this band prior to them sending me this record to review and I'm pretty impressed by it.  Six songs (Five original and one Sebadoh cover) of quiet-then-loud indie rock.  I really prefer when Zonaea leans towards the quiet end of the spectrum as they remind me of Pinback in places.  They have a way of weaving together intricate muted guitar parts with soft spoken vocals that are very Rob Crow-ish.  

On the other side, the band isn't afraid to get a little loud and screamy, sometimes with mixed results.  At times the vocals mixed with the loud guitar parts ends up sounding a bit like Faith No More to me.  It's an interesting little EP and certainly worth heading over to their Bandcamp page to give a listen to.  Not sure if it's an immediate must buy, but it's pretty good.

Zonaea - Apocalypse Beach 12":

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