Thursday, March 26, 2015

Metronome The City - Isonomia LP (& 720° 7")


Self Released (2015)

A fellow record collector that I had met through the wonderful world of Rocket From The Crypt variants sent me this LP & &".  I'm not sure of his exact connection with the band other than he likes them a lot and they play out around the New Orleans area.  One, I'm always happy to listen to a new record and two, I always give a fellow Rocket fan more of my attention than your average Joe on the street.  In addition to the band's full length, he also sent over a 7" where they cover music from the video game 720°.

We'll start with the 7" as it's my preference of the two.  I spent a lot of hours playing 720° in the lobby of the Ground Round that my dad used to take us to when I was a kid.  I vividly remember the wacky joystick that could only move in a circle and furiously trying to get as many spins out of it as possible when jumping.  I also logged in a good amount of time with the Nintendo version when that arrived a few years later.  It was interesting hearing the band's interpretation of the music.  It was very faithful and not unlike the Minibosses in some ways.  However Metronome The City's bag of tricks goes a bit deeper and the addition of some synth sounds just sounds great.

I was not as into the songs on their full length.  I can't say they are really all that different from the 720° soundtrack.  It's instrumental rock with synthy flourishes and technical playing.  You can tell they are all very talented musicians and they create some really interesting soundscapes that could fit right in with the video game music of the 80's.  I don't want to say I don't like it, because that isn't true, but I don't have the connection to their original tunes the way I have a link to the 720° soundtrack.  It's video game music for a game that doesn't exist and maybe I just need the gameplay to go along with it.

I do think that a lot of folks would like this, especially if you are into instrumentals more than me.  If you dig bands like The Minibosses or The Advantage, you really should at least check out a few songs on their website.

Metronome The City - Isonomia (3 Songs):

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