Monday, March 9, 2015

World's Fair - Leisurely LP - Blue w/ White Splatter Vinyl (/100)


Rok Lok (2015)

I love 1990's indie rock.  It's just one of my absolute favorite things and one of the easiest ways to get me to check out a record is to tell me it reminds you of Archers of Loaf.  That's what happened with the band World's Fair.  I read an Archers comparison online and immediately bought the record.  While I'm still not sure that Archers are the best point of reference for this band, I'm glad I picked up Leisurely.

Reading that last paragraph, it should come as no surprise that World's Fair's music does in fact lean towards 90's indie rock.  While they do have some of the fuzzy guitar flourishes of Archers of Loaf in general I think they lean more towards the Built To Spill side of the spectrum.  An even more accurate comparison would be to the first Yuck record, I think.  Whatever bands you want to reference, World's Fair is playing dynamic, intricate indie rock with no shortage of hooks and catchy melodies.  There are a couple of songs that go a little too far down the distorted vocal path for my personal taste, but that isn't how every song is recorded.

Overall, it's a very strong record, one that I've found myself repeatedly going back to over the past few weeks.  I think 2015 has started off a little slow as far as the number of new records that have come out that I'm into, but with band's like World's Fair on the list, at least the quality level has been quite high,

World's Fair - Leisurely LP:

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