Tuesday, March 17, 2015

RVIVR - Bicker And Breath 12"


Rumbletowne (2014)

RVIVR is one of the few bands I'll forgive for committing the mortal sin of having a band name that's missing vowels.  Thank goodness for that lone "I" holding things down in the middle.  Discounting any silly feelings about bands that overuse the missing vowels gimmick, RVIVR has been one of the most reliable punk rock bands releasing records over the past few years.  They started off strong with a few 7"s back in 2009 and you could really make the argument that they continue to get better with each new release.

Bicker And Breathe is no exception to this rule.  If you wanted to say this is the best batch of RVIVR songs yet, I couldn't really find too many reasons to disagree with you.  The songs are all packed with this contagious enthusiasm and energy,  The first three songs in particular are all fantastic, hit after hit.  Heavy on big hooks and fast, catchy music.  The male/female vocal dynamic really makes this band something special as each vocalist compliments the other and both sound stronger as a result.

The fourth song, "The Sound," slows things down just a bit and gives the band a moment to catch their breath, but it is just as well written and dynamic as the trifecta that open this EP.  The very last track, "Bicker/Breathe," is the only one that I find doesn't live up to four before it.  I think it's a little too straightforward and feels a bit out of place sitting next to four of the band's very best.

RVIVR hasn't let me down yet.  So often my favorite album by a band tends to be the first one of theirs that I hear.  RVIVR is one of those rare groups that just improves with every new song and every new idea.  I hope they keep making tons of record going forward.  If they all continue to improve at this rate, their next full length is going to be a real doozy.

RVIVR - Bicker And Breath 12":

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