Friday, March 13, 2015

Suspicious Beasts - Never Bloom LP


Alien Snatch (2013)

This record kind of got lost in the shuffle.  Even though I was not on top of things and didn't order it right when it came it in 2013, I have had it sitting in my record pile for a solid three or four months before finally getting to it today.  I ordered this when I saw it for sale at an online distro that I was buying some other records from, so I missed out on the limited colored vinyl version that could have been mailordered direct from Germany.  

Never Bloom is the second album from Suspicious Beasts. While I don't think these guys are making music quite as good as some of their previous bands (The Urchin and Three Minute Movie), that's a pretty high water mark to try to live up to.  Never Bloom is a very strong garage rock record.  It's poppy in the right places and they manage to employ a little psych into things without it becoming overbearing and annoying.  It's a fun energetic record and although I could do with a bit less distortion on the vocals (I see this becoming a more frequent complaint of mine) I really like it.

I actually think it's even better than their first album Used To Be Beautiful.  Where Used To Be Beautiful was a little boozier and looser, Never Bloom seems more focused, more upbeat and a lot tighter.  There's a lot of garage-y bands out there in the world right now.  This deluge is creating a glut of mediocre records.  Never Bloom stands out from that pack and is definitely worth grabbing if you see it.

Suspicious Beasts - "With The Devil":

Suspicious Beasts - "Who Wants To Buy My Soul"

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