Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beck - I Just Started Hating Some People Today 7"

Third Man (2012)

I don't have great luck ordering from Third Man, I never seem to get any of the limited versions, and I would have especially liked to have gotten the Tri Color version of this latest Beck 7", as I am a LONG time fan.

Musically, this record is crazy. The vocals don't sound like a lot that Beck has done in the past, but musically and lyrically this is some of the best work I think he's done in ages. For me this is totally a throwback to his Stereopathetic Soulmanure days and you can here echos of songs like Rowboat and Modesto. Lyrically, this is some of the most interesting and fun material Beck has unleashed in years. Total stream of consciousness Bogusflow-type stuff here and I absolutely love it. What I wouldn't give for a whole album of songs like this.

Beck - I Just Started Hating Some People Today:

Beck - Blue Randy

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