Monday, June 18, 2012

What-A-Night's - S/T CD

What-A-Night's - S/T CD by Tim PopKid
What-A-Night's - S/T CD, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Self Released (2012)

What-A-Night's are from Japan and they follow in that great Snuffy Smiles tradition of amazing punk rock bands from Japan. Though this CD is self released, they do have a split 7" coming out on Snuffy Smiles & Drunken Sailor, so I'm going to consider them a Snuffy Smiles band. If you've liked bands like Blotto, Three Minute Movie, Blew or The Urchin, you need to get this CD right away.

I would venture to say that What-A-Night's have more melodic vocals and harmonies than any of the bands mentioned above, but they do not sacrifice the super tight energetic fast temp music that these great bands from Japan are known for. One of the best of the year and I'm not even super annoyed that it's a CD and not vinyl since I'm used to that from Japanese bands.

What-A-Night's - S/T CD

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