Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seaweed - Weak LP - Green Vinyl

Sub Pop (1992)

I managed to pick up another Seaweed album at a very good price on eBay ($15) so I'm slowly building up the collection. The only full length I need is Actions & Indications, though the consensus seems to be that that record is their weakest. I guess we'll see once I finally grab it. After that it's time to start tracking down 7"s.

Weak is another fantastic Seaweed record and another total slap in the face since I slept on this band for nearly 20 years. I still can't figure out how I missed them in my youth. While I don't think this record is quite as strong as their album four, don't take that as a slight to this record. Think of it as further validation to how amazing four is.

Seaweed - Squint:

Seaweed - Taxing:

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