Monday, June 25, 2012

Various Artists - Rated G.G. 7" (Ted Leo, Ben Gibbard & More)

2011 Best Show On WFMU Fundraising Single (2012)

So there's this show on WFMU called the Best Show on WFMU. It's a show that everyone thinks is a lot funnier than I do. I will admit I've only heard it a few times, but nothing I've ever heard has made me want to keep going back. I think comedy, even more than music, is one of the most subjective things there is. Everyone laughs at different things. Beleive me, I have a 6 DVD set of They Came From Outer Space episodes. Not for everyone...

Anyway, this 7" was the 2011 fundraising single during WFMU's annual pledge drive. You had to pledge $75 to get it and it also came with some shirts a poster and the good feeling that you've helped one of the last truly independent radio stations going. The songs on here are an all ages tribute to GG Allin. You've got songs by Ted Leo, Ben Gibbard, Fucked Up, Ty Segall & Mountain Goats.

It's a cute idea I guess, but there's nothing on here that I think is worth more than a courtesy listen. As a Ted Leo completist, this 7" will probably just sit in a box until, well, forever really. The best song on this record by far is the Ben Gibbard song, but even that is not something I anticipate needing to listen to again. Let me restate, I am happy to have donated and supported a good cause, but after waiting so long to finally receive this 7", I just wish I liked it more. Oh well.

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  1. I'll buy it from you. I'd like it for my collection. Send me a Facebook message if you're interested.