Friday, June 8, 2012

The Edsel Auctioneer - Simmer LP

Kokopop (1993)

I picked this up for $4.00 from Flipside Records on record store day. While I have a few Edsel Auctioneer 7"s, for some reason I didn't have any of their LPs, and for a price like that, despite the promo hole punched in the cover on the "r" in "Simmer," I felt it was my duty to pick this record up.

If you've never hear of this band, it's tough to compare them to anything currently happening. They're very much a snapshot of the early 90's when fuzzy guitar-driven indie rock was a trade being plied by so many great bands. I've heard Edsel Auctioneer compared to Buffalo Tom and The Lemonheads, but for me the most kindred spirit I can think of is the band Small (Or Small 23, depending on what album of theirs you're looking at). The vocals are calm and melodic and the band manages to to be strangely energetic despite the mostly mid tempo nature of the songs. A great album by a great band.

The Edsel Auctioneer - Starfish:

The Edsel Auctioneer - Slouch (This looks like someone recorded a video off their TV, terrible quality, but a good song):

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