Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jaill - Traps LP - Green Vinyl

Sub Pop (2012)

Traps is the new album from Jaill, a band that I originally discovered thanks to Ken @ Dirtnap records. This is Jaill's 4th album overall and 2nd for Sub Pop. After the first couple of listens, I can confidently say I think is is better than their last Sub Pop release, but still no where near as good as their self released album There's No Sky.

Here we have a lot of well written mid tempo songs highlighting the great vocals and song structures this band is capable of creating. What it lacks is the energy and hooks of some of the flat out hits they were writing 2 albums ago. Traps is a move in the right direction though, and the green vinyl available from Sub Pop is a nice touch. Oh it came with a bonus 7" too. I forgot to take a picture of that. I'll do that tomorrow.

Jaill - Traps:

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