Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Torino 74 - S/T CD

Torino 74 - S/T CD by Tim PopKid
Torino 74 - S/T CD, a photo by Tim PopKid on Flickr.
Fixing A Hole (2011)

Torino 74 is the band that rose from the ashes of one of my favorite UK bands, Chopper. They released a 7" on Crackle Records and then appeared on the Coming Soon page of the Crackle Website for about a decade. I had pretty much assumed this would never come out as the band broke up ages ago. Well, I guess last year this was finally released on Fixing A Hole records and I stumbled across its existence looking for songs to post on my Chopper collection post a few weeks back (http://www.ibuywaytoomanyrecords.com/2012/04/collection-chopper-lp-7.html) Then it became a quest to find this elusive disc.

I actually ended up contacting one of the band members and former member of Chopper through Chopper's Facebook page. Dave was kind enough to hook me up with a copy of this wonderful record, and oh is it wonderful. Let's just say if you've ever liked the band Broccoli or the mid 90's UK punk scene at all, this record is absolutely essential. It rivals and sometimes surpasses some of Chopper's greatest moments and has a much more melodic feel to it. While the energy is still there, the songs aren't played a hundred miles an hour and the Sean, the main vocalist, has a voice that is really suited to this music. I can't say enough good things. Buy it. Buy it now.

Torino 74 - S/T CD:

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