Thursday, January 30, 2014

Autistic Youth - Nonage LP - Clear Vinyl (/200)

Dirtnap (2013)

Autistic Youth is one of those bands that I've been keeping tabs on over the years. I buy their records when they come out, I listen to them and enjoy. I'm never blown away, but I'm never disappointed, they've just been a good reliable band. That is until their 3rd LP Nonage. You can mark this record down as the moment that Autistic Youth became a great band.

The biggest change from their past work is that they've slowed things down quite a bit. Rather than sap the songs of their energy, this shift in tempo allows everything room to breathe and expand. The backing vocals are more pronounced and effective and the underlying lead guitar adds so much in the way of dynamics.

The songs are catchier than anything the band has done before, but without giving up their identity. I would never call this a pop record, it's far too dark, but the hooks and choruses are so well written and instantly grab your attention. It's dark punk rock, but it's catchy in the way a band like The Wipers are, with less downstroke guitar though.

The fist 200 were on clear vinyl through Dirtnap mailorder, but those seem to be long gone at this point. Absolutely worth picking up on good old fashion black vinyl though.

Autistic Youth - Nonage LP:

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