Monday, January 27, 2014

Spells - Take Time 7" - Red Vinyl

Snappy Little Numbers (2013)

I can't say I was familiar with Spells, but when I ordered the Hooper record from Snappy Little Numbers I decided to pick up a couple of 7"s from them as well to try out some new bands. That ended up a smart move as I really dug The Knew 7" I wrote about on here a few weeks ago and I like this Spells 7" just as much.

This 7" is something I'm going to call higher level pop punk. There's a lot of pop punk bands that are kind of generic, to the point where the word became something of an insult to throw around. But for me the phrase pop punk will always take me back to the 90's when the term allowed for a bit more variety within the genre. So we'll just call Spells higher level pop punk, it's a group of people getting together and writing a couple of supremely catchy songs with big sing along choruses, tons of backing vocals and a real appreciation for that old time rock and roll music. Looks like this band has some more tunes kicking about, and I will have to start tracking those down as well.

The Spells - Take Time 7":

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