Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sam & Dave - The Best of San & Dave LP

Friday Music (2012)

This was a Christmas gift, but was a record that had been on the want list for a while. The original pressing of this came out on Atlantic Records back in 1969, but Friday Music did a fancy reissue in 2012. Though you could find an original cheaper for sure, there are times where I'd rather not play the hunt for a copy that some 60's teenage didn't beat up game. Sometimes it's just easier to get the reissue and this is a good one.

Sam & Dave are favorites of mine, stemming from my love of the Blues Brothers. Ass the Blues Brothers were my first favorite band as a 3 year old, I've explored their influences over the years and you'd be harder pressed to find a better influence than Sam & Dave (Though I will certainly hear arguments for Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding). Though maybe this LP isn't as chocked full of songs as some of their CD compilations, this 14 track set is lean and mean. Truly the best of. From "Soul Man," to "Soothe Me" to "Hold On I'm Comin'" these songs are simply amazing even all these years later.

The reissue itself sounds outstanding and I appreciate the little details like the reworked red, white and green Atlantic label on the record itself. This label is reissuing one of the most important records to me in February, Briefcase Full of Blues. After hearing the Best of Sam & Dave, I'm pretty confident that one will be worth picking up as well.

Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Comin':

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