Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wax Packs: John Moreland / Austin Lucas - Split 7"

Secret Audio Club (2013)

This is the 2nd 7" from my Wax Packs box set.  For a full description of the series and the trading card-esque way they are rolling out this record, I described it in detail in Monday's review: http://www.ibuywaytoomanyrecords.com/2014/01/wax-packs-casual-crybaby-split-7-violet.html

This split 7" holds the distinction of being the only one in the group with an artist I had actually heard of before, Austin Lucas.  I knew he was part of the growing folky acoustic punk "revival tour" crew, but I can't say I had listened to much of his output.  His song, "Splinters" has more of a country twang than I would have originally thought.  There's certainly no reinvention of the wheel going on, but it's a strong song that I did enjoy.

However for me, John Moreland stole the show on this record, he may have stolen the show on the entire series (though there is another band in the running for that; we'll get to them later in the week.).  Moreland's track "Cataclysm Blues No. 4" is just great.  Like a lost song from Bruce Springsteen's Devils And Dust album (My favorite Springsteen release for those keeping track at home), this gruff vocaled, slow, somber number is just an incredibly well written song.

I was very excited to pull this 7" from my Wax Packs box as it was the one I was most interested in hearing,  As I said yesterday, this is a novel concept and certainly leads to more excitement opening your record when you don't already know what's inside.

John Moreland - Cataclysm Blues No 4:

Austin Lucas - Splinters (Live At New West Records):

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