Monday, January 6, 2014

Dan Padilla / Down And Outs - Split 7" - Yellow Vinyl (/100)

All In Vinyl (2013)

I believe the All In Vinyl 7" series #3 is winding down with only 1 more release to come after this record. Aside from the Steve Adamyk Band 7", I was most excited about this split 7" by Dan Padilla and Down And Outs, mostly because they were 2 bands I already knew I liked. Both hit a home run with this split.

Dan Padilla has been putting out consistently strong records for years, but the first song on their side of this 7" "Why Bother" might be my favorite song of theirs yet. With a big chorus, dual vocal dynamics and their usual killer guitar work, it's just an incredible song.

Down And Outs also tear up their side of this record as well with 2 songs of sing along anthemic punk rock. It's on par with anything the band has released previously and I really need to pick up their new full length at some point. It's always tough when new records come out at the very end of the year after you've blown through your record buying budget!

Dan Padilla / Down And Outs - Split 7":

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