Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Smartboys - A Different World Now 7" - Blue Vinyl

Matador (2013)

Though I haven't heard of them before, Smartboys has 2 members of the band Fucked Up at the helm. After listening to this 7", along with the solo exploits of Young Guv, I can only assume that Fucked Up secretly wants to unleash the world's best fuzz pop record.

Smartboys deliver 2 tracks of lo fi guitar pop. This is one of a few bands that I think could probably sound even better with a bit more fidelity, but in general I really like both songs. The A-side "A Different World Now" builds the verse over some light background guitar noodling, but pays off with a big chorus.

B-Side "Sacked" is just as good, though for both songs, the vocals are buried just a bit too far in the mix. I wish I could hear what they were saying a little more, but I like both of these songs enough to go hunt down the band's other 2 7"s. So I assume you'll see reviews of them soon enough.

Smartboys - A Different World Now:

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