Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beezewax - Who To Salute / When We Were Kids 2xLP


Reveal (2005)

Well, I'm a pretty big Beezewax fan.  I've been one ever since PopKid records started getting ready to release the album South Of Boredom back in 1873 or so.  But somehow, I'm often surprised to find out that Beezewax has released something I'd never heard of.  It's happened on several occasions; I'll just stumble across a record of theirs that just sneaked out into the world.  This vinyl version of Who To Salute is a prime example.  No clue it was out there, then one day...bam.  A discogs entry for it.  Been looking for a copy ever since.

All Beezewax records are great.   Who To Salute is no exception, though you'll forgive me if I have a slightly stronger attachment to South Of Boredom.  Still, just go buy all their records, every one is outstanding.  The band churns out perfect Posies inspired pop songs better than just about anyone (including the Posies on several of their records).  They can take a song slow and tender and they can get bouncy and poppy with equally successful results.  A hell of a band, they always have been.

The extra wacky thing about this LP is that it comes with a second LP called When We Were Kids.  It compiles a handful of songs from the first 3 Beezewax records A Dozen Summits, Who To Salute and Oh Tahoe.  It's pretty cool having a few songs from each of these records on vinyl.  I would obviously prefer each one had been reissued on vinyl individually, but it's nice to be able to hear my favorite Beezewax song "In The Stands" blasting from the turntable.  Someone should release all the Beezewax LPs on vinyl.  If anyone is interested in putting out South Of Boredom, I bet you I could put you in touch with the right people...

I couldn't find any songs from Who To Salute streaming anywhere, but there's a video for in The Stands up on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkgnwzrwcFc

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  1. Someone should for sure put Oh Tahoe out on vinyl, a masterpiece of rocking power pop.