Friday, April 18, 2014

Chestnut Road / BUZZorHOWL - Split 7"


Brassneck / Boss Tuneage (2013)

There have been a lot of records put out recently that have bands harkening back to some of the styles of music that were all the rage in the 90's.  Being the age that I am, the 90's will always be a special time for me and I'll probably always think that was the best time for buying records.  I think it's true for most people that the music you discover in your late teens and early twenties is the music that really sticks with you throughout your life.  Enter this 7".

Some of the best records I've ever bought came out in the UK in the late 90's.  The Chestnut Road / BUZZorHOWL split could have easily come out during that time.  BUZZorHOWL features members who were also in the band Drive (go grab their discography CD right now).  I can certainly see the influence of Drive in BUZZorHOWL, but the band I'm immediately reminded of when I listen to the first song "Little Cop" is Alligator Gun. The melodic vocals soar over the big crunchy UK punk style guitars and this song just blows me away.  The 2nd track is an instrumental and though I actually love it when bands throw an instrumental onto a full length, since there's only 2 tracks to work with here, I probably would have preferred another with vocals.

Chestnut Road are really cementing themselves as one of my absolute favorite current bands.  They've put out a lot of records over the past couple of years and I've yet to hear a bad song out of them.  Hell, I haven't even heard a song from them that was merely good, they've all been great.  They really take their influences from some of my all time favorite bands like Broccoli, Hooton 3 Car and Leatherface.  Gravely vocals over dynamic guitar work.  It's just perfection.

 Chestnut Road / BUZZorHOWL - Split 7":

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