Thursday, April 24, 2014

Superchunk / Mikal Cronin - Split 7" - Pink Vinyl


Merge (2014)

Another year, another singles club.  This year I joined up for the Merge records 25th anniversary singles club.  How could I not, it starts off with a Superchunk 7" and if there's 1 thing in this world I have, it's a lot of Superchunk 7"s.  The Merge series looks like they're sending out two 7"s at a time.  I'll write up the 2nd one tomorrow.  The sleeve is a sturdy cardboard with a shiny silver logo on the front and some light embossing on the back.  There's a few odd designs cut into it as well that exposes the vinyl, so make sure to bag this guy up before filing it away.  It looks cool though.

I'll start out with Mikal Cronin.  He is one of the absolute top guys where so many people whose taste in music I trust love him, but he just never did anything for me.  I tried so hard to get into his first record and it just never clicked.  What I can say though is that his song "Takin' It Easy" on this 7" is incredible.  It's got some minor psych/drone on the vocals, but it's not annoyingly distorted like a lot of bands go for these days.  This song has an awesomely loud and catchy chorus.  The verse takes it down a bit, but it just helps build up energy for that chorus.  I've only heard the first Mikal Cronin record.  If anything else of his sounds even sort of similar to this song, than I really need to give him another chance.  Someone confirm or deny please.

Superchunk hardly needs a description.  Their song "Good Morning" is another slice of classic Superchunk greatness.  It's a bouncy, jump up and down because you can't contain yourself anthem. It's catchy in the right places and dynamic where it needs to be.  Superchunk hardly ever lets me down and this song is no exception.  I also love how committed Superchunk is to supporting the 7" format.  All these years later and they're still cranking them out.  This record is a great start to the series.

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