Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dulac - The First of the Last Chords LP


Taken By Surprise (2013)

It's always exciting when a brand new band ends up on your radar.  Taken By Surprise is a record label that I trust, so when they started letting the world know that this Dulac record was on the way, I sat up and took notice.  When the label put the record up on Bandcamp, I clicked play on the first song.  I was adding this record to my cart and sending money to the label before the song was even finished.

When a band puts out their debut record and it's just a beast from start to finish, that's a hell of an accomplishment and Dulac deserves the accolades.  They're playing an upbeat, treble heavy style of rock and roll.  In particular, the guitar sound and riffs remind me of The Statues, but in a more subdued and not quite as explosive way.  That's not saying Dulac isn't full of energy; but they are channeling it in a different way, as the band has a slightly darker and certainly more serious tone.

A reference point on the vocals are a bit hard to pin down.  Aspects of them remind me of some of the bands you'd find on Snuffy Smiles out of Japan. But there are other songs where I get a really strong Starmarket feel.  There are even times where I'm reminded of the band Rusty James.  Regardless of what other bands the the singing kind of sounds like, the end result is a mix unique to Dulac.  It's a fantastic record from start to finish and should have made my best of 2013 list.

Dulac - The First of the Last Chords LP:

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