Friday, April 11, 2014

Samiam - Astray LP - Tie Dye Vinyl (/100)


Unless You Try (2013, Reissue)

As I've mentioned before, sometimes timing works out perfectly.  I decided to give Samiam another shot after not really being that into them in the 90's.  Turns out I blew it and they're great.  Then, just about every one of their full lengths gets a fancy vinyl reissue.  So, getting this collection filled out has been pretty easy.  As mush as I do like these Samiam records, I'm completely content with these reissues and I don't have that strong desire to start picking up the original pressings...yet...

Astray is an album that I know a lot of Samiam fans really like.  To me it always stood out because I knew quite a few people (myself included) that couldn't remember if it was called "Astray" or "Ashtray."  Not sure that it's relevant, but I can confirm it is "Astray."  This particular variant is courtesy of Unless You Try records out of the UK.  Ever since the Lillingtons boxed set came out, I wanted to get my hands on a "tie dye" colored vinyl record.  This one isn't that special really.  It's just blue swirled with white and a little red here and there.  I've seen some tie dyes that are super unique looking, but I'm sure I could pull another record out of my collection that looks similar to this one.

As far as the record goes, it's pretty great.  I'd lump it in with Clumsy or You Are Freaking Me Out in terms of quality.  Full, deep guitars with strong vocal melodies. No throwaway songs and as I'd mentioned in another review, I definitely hear some Knapsack style guitar work in here.  I realize since Sergie was in both bands, that is a bit silly to bring up, but I think that Knapsack influence certainly is more prevalent on Astray than on some of the other Samiam records I have.  One of the best records I've heard since giving Samiam another shot, though Clumsy is still my favorite so far.

Samiam - Astray:

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