Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chopper - Last Call For The Dancers LP - Blue Vinyl (/300)


Crackle (1998)

A while back I had written about one of my favorite bands from the late 90's UK punk scene Chopper (http://www.ibuywaytoomanyrecords.com/2012/04/collection-chopper-lp-7.html).  I put up a picture of my collection of all of their records.  A pretty complete collection of their vinyl aside from the glaring omission of their LP on colored vinyl.

I had always kind of wondered how I missed the colored vinyl version of this album as I was really on top of things back then and I know I bought the LP the moment it came out.  In doing a little research before writing this up I discovered that the blue vinyl version was actually a repress that came out about a year after the first pressing on black vinyl.  To me that at least kind of explains how I missed it.

The best part about finally adding the blue vinyl LP to my collection is that it was sent to me by Dave from Chopper.  An extraordinarily nice man, who has really gone out of his way being nice to a sad old record collector like me.  Cheers Dave, it's much appreciated.

As far as the tunes on this LP, they're just some of my favorite from one of my favorite eras of music.  This LP managed to take the incredible hooks that the band was creating on all of their 7"s and move those into a slightly more mature direction.  Produced by Frankie Stubbs from Leatherface, this album shows the band slowing their songs down just a hair (seriously, just a hair slower, there's plenty of fast songs on this record) while mixing in a bit more influence by bands like Broccoli. The result is a smoother album, that is impactful, but has more staying power and holds up well through the years that have passed since its release.  An essential album that you go out of your way to add to your collection.

Chopper - Staedler:

Chopper - F. Perry:

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